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          Flexible Document Management System that monitors the complete lifecycle of your content.


          ERP software for your growing business. WebUI, modular and easy to use.


          Eco platform for eLearning. Full integrated preparation, publishing and content delivery.


          Our solutions are characterized by the following 4 features:


          The privilege of the rich and big companies to have good software solutions is over. Our solutions are designed for SME, having in mind potential growth of your business and needs.

                 Cloud or On-Premise

          Choose from the cloud or on-premise installation. Our solution can support both of them. Let us know if you have further questions about the dilemma.


          The fact is that our needs and tastes are not always the same. Therefore our solutions are flexible and can quickly adapt to your specific requirements.

              Open Source

          All our solutions are based on Open Source. You are not vendor locked-in. If necessary, you will easily find a new vendor or developer.

          Granted Projects

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