ERP Solutions

We believe that the time has come when the powerful software tools are becoming available to everyone, primarily due to the open source movement. OpenERP has created an opportunity for companies to spend their budget more rational and better: instead of paying expensive licences, they invest in customization to their needs. Furthermore, the implementation cycle is shorter, and solutions suppliers have greater possibilities in developing solutions.


ERP Solutions

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  • QDITA for mobile eLearning
  • Clustering of learning objects for different knowledge levels as an approach to adaptive e-learning based on SCORM and DITA
  • An eco-system for adaptive e-learning
  • Learning content development process based on DITA learning objects and different knowledge levels
  • Online course visual experience formation QDITA for mobile eLearning
  • Open Source alternative
  • XML – arhitektura za dizajn, pisanje i upravljanje edukativnim sadržajem


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