eLearning system based on Odoo
The 8th International Conference on eLearning

Title: eLearning system based on Odoo

Author: Ljubiša Jovev, IRVAS International d.o.o., Dragan Mitić, IRVAS International d.o.o.

Venue: The 8th International Conference on eLearning (eLearning-2017), Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: eDevelopment of an eLearning platform for the PT&SCHE project, which is a part of the EU programme. The paper focuses on the features of the LMS system, its functionalities that meet the demands of a modern student. Furthermore, it describes the architecture and main characteristics of the eLearning solution from the perspective of the users of the system.

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Fina granularizacija sadržaja, osnova za implementaciju i poboljšanje obrazovanja primenom eLearning sistema
ETRAN, Srebrno jezero 2015