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The Third International conference on e-Learning

Title: Learning content development process based on DITA learning objects and different knowledge levels

Authors: Ljubiša Jovev, IRVAS International d.o.o.; Dragan Domazet, Belgrade Metropolitan University

Venue: The Third International Conference on e-Learning (eLearning-2012), 27-28 September 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: Educational institutions like BMU recognizes a need to move from creating and delivering large inflexible training courses, to CCMS learning objects that can be reused, searched, and modified independently from their delivery media. This decision creates a need to define more clear strategy in the course authoring guidelines. The strategy includes standards and processes for designing and developing Reusable Registry of DITA [1] components, based on which authors can produce interactive courses with adaptive elements. This paper will present key reasons, elements and decisions in process of preparing the standard guidelines document. 

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