Business solution for E-Fiscalization

E-Fiscalization for retail       

Everything you need for Electronic Fiscalization in Serbia - fiscal cash registers and software.


E-Fiskalizacija za ugostiteljstvo   

Everything you need for Electronic Fiscalization in Serbia - fiscal cash registers and software.


Features of our solutions​

Our solutions are characterized by the following 4 features:


The privilege of the rich and big companies to have good software solutions is over. Our solutions are designed for SME, having in mind potential growth of your business and needs.


The fact is that our needs and tastes are not always the same. Therefore our solutions are flexible and can quickly adapt to your specific requirements.

   Cloud or On-Premise

Choose from the cloud or on-premise installation. Our solution can support both of them. Let us know if you have further questions about the dilemma.

   Open Source

All our solutions are based on Open Source. You are not vendor locked-in. If necessary, you will easily find a new vendor or developer.

Complete ERP system

The complete ERP system for internal business management of Nis Ekspres, which includes: sales, procurement, warehousing, accounting, tourism, vehicle maintenance, planning and monitoring the realization of bus departures.

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Smart hotel solution

For the Ambasador Hotel, a 5-star hotel from the city of Nis, IRVAS implemented standard Odoo CRM, Sales, Invoicing, and some custom modules and integration with various IoT devices.

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Erasmus +

An Odoo based eLearning platform for online PT&SCHE (part-time and short-cycle higher education) within the project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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Klinika MAJA

The project includes an information system for patients, a public website, and business management software based on Odoo platform.

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E-commerce solution for the Swiss company MASS MOEBEL, including a complete front-end shop and appropriate back-end modules and functionalities.

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CRM + project management

UnoLux NS uses our Odoo-based eBiz CRM and Project Management to improve sales and provide more efficient management of the development of new projects.

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