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Niš Ekspres

Technologies: Odoo
URL: Intranet

Niš Ekspres is a growing bus transportation SME which migrated legacy apps into Odoo ERP.

IIn 2017 Niš Ekspres introduced Microsoft NA Vision for the needs of the financial accounting system, warehouse operations, fixed assets and small inventory.

Business processes in the field of traffic planning and monitoring, fleet maintenance and monitoring, and ticket sales liquidation remained to function as isolated applications. The connection to the financial and accounting system was achieved through data transfer on a daily basis.

IRVAS proposed Odoo ERP as the platform for the implementation for all business processes. The existing MS NA Vision implementation was replaced. 
The transition to the Odoo system was done during one weekend. The system includes: sales, procurement, warehousing, accounting, tourism, vehicle maintenance, planning and monitoring the realization of bus departures.

The GAP analysis showed that for about 80% of the expected functionalities there was a need to design and develop new modules.
In the second phase IRVAS implemented specific non-standard modules that have replaced existing isolated legacy applications, such as fleet records and monitoring of vital parameters of buses.

The solution we implemented met all the requirements set by the company's management, and provides the following benefits:

 Multiple systems are replaced with one integrated system that covers the entire business.

Finances integrates with all custom developed modules.

The implemented modular solution is a strong platform for future growth.

Custom developments leveraged existing Odoo features to give a near 100% software fit in critical areas of the business.

Cost savings through significant reduction of data double handling and manual processes.


Technologies: Odoo
URL: https://gomarket.rs/

GoMarket is a brand created within a trading company that has been successfully operating for over 20 years.

The company is guided by the motive of offering services that would save the time normally spent in traditional shopping.

As a result, IRVAS implemented an e-commerce store based on Odoo, which makes the process of online shopping and order processing easy and simple.

Hotel Ambassador

Technologies: Odoo
URL: Intranet

Hotel Ambassador, a 5-star hotel from the city of Niš, wanted to integrate the three separate systems which a typical hotel uses, at affordable price:

  • a system for guests reservation and check-in/check-out
  • smart room management (cooling, heating, access control)
  • standard ERP

IRVAS proposed standard Odoo CRM, Sales, Invoicing, and to develop additional custom modules, and PME smart controller equipment:

  • Communication with PME smart-room controllers
  • Visualization of the status of room sensors
  • Programming RFID cards for access control
  • Custom reporting

As a result, Hotel Ambassador now has a web-based application at its reception desk and a possibility to directly manage:

  • Reservation
  • Check in / check out process
  • Housekeeping
  • Events history
  • Smart room controllers for room access, heating and cooling, and for other sensors (e.g. SOS, opened window, flood, …)

NOTE: IRVAS implemented the same solution to dozens of hotels in Serbia


Technologies: Odoo
URL: https://elegra.co.rs/

Elegra is a distributor of audio/video equipment wanting to migrate the existing Magento website, and to improve the existing sales process by integrating sales leads, online shop offer, invoicing and delivery.

IRVAS proposed the Odoo e-commerce module aligned with CRM, sales, inventory and delivery modules. The existing data was migrated and new product attributes were added. Furthermore, the security of the online store was enhanced, and the management of the whole sale process - from leads, to invoice and delivery was improved too.


Technologies: Odoo

Mass Möbel is a company from Switzerland, selling online high-quality furniture from Eastern Europe.

IRVAS designed and developed a complete front-end shop, and implemented appropriate backend modules and functionalities (Sales, Invoicing, Email Marketing, Purchase, Inventory).

During the ordering process, customers have the opportunity not only to choose the desired products, but also to customize them by choosing different variants and attributes, such as the type of wood and metal, the color of the textile, etc.

Besides, the online shop is optimized with cross-selling and upselling functions on product pages, in the cart, and also at checkout. This means customers are automatically recommended products to pair with their current purchase, or alternative options to buy instead, which helps increase their average cart revenue.

Ni-CAT cluster

Technologies: Odoo
URL: https://ni-cat.org/

Multilingual portal for the Nis Cluster of Advanced Technologies (www.ni-cat.org), Intranet and Extranet.

The solution enables members to create a mini web page of their companies, to collaborate, to manage events, to upload and download internal documents, to subscribe for the newsletter, etc.

Erasmus+: PT&SCHE

Technologies: Odoo
URL: Intranet

The goal of the Erasmus+ project was to establish part-time (PT) and short-cycle higher education (SCHE) studies in Serbia according to the legal framework defined and proposed by the project and supported by PT&SCHE portal with open and shared education resources.

IRVAS developed an e-learning platform for online PT&SCHE within the project funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.


Technologies: Odoo
URL: Intranet


SENIS (former SENTRONIS), Swiss supplier of sensors and instruments for magnetic field measurements and electric current. The headquarters of the company is in Switzerland, and production lines, laboratory and R&D group are in Niš, Serbia.

IRVAS developed and implemented modules for Accounting, Sales, and CRM, based on Odoo.


Technologies: Odoo
URL: Intranet


PME is a company offering engineering solutions in the area of hospital and hotel operations.

IRVAS developed and implemented Odoo based modules for Sales, Inventory and Manufacturing.