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Company Profile

IRVAS International Ltd. is a software SME, founded in 2000, offering services and solutions in the field of Content management, ERP, and custom development. The company has a strong technical background in Internet/Intranet, n-tier client/server and system integration.​

IRVAS has a qualified team which is highly experienced in Odoo development, installation, customization and optimization. We customize the standard Odoo modules and also build custom modules from scratch.

IRVAS follows and utilizes modern technological trends in the development of application systems, such as platforms for the development of web and mobile user interfaces, implementation in cloud infrastructure, Python programming language, PostgreSql databases and DevOps process.

Our Solutions​

IRVAS has many years of experience in the implementation of the Odoo platform in the field of business information systems, based on which it has a very competitive offer of services in this domain.​

Odoo is one of the most popular ERP systems that covers all the functional and business requirements of a company. The system is fully scalable and modular, its modules can be used as separate applications according to your needs, and can also be integrated into a complete business information system.​

Odoo is an open source system, which means that its source code is available for modification and customization, and over 3,000 companies are working on it, developing various modules for 7 million users worldwide. IRVAS is part of that community that works on localization for the Serbian market and develops specific applications for the needs of its users.

Based on the Odoo platform, IRVAS has developed several groups of application modules that have been successfully implemented in several companies and institutions.


An integrated cloud-based solution for small and medium-sized companies, covering CRM, human resources, sales, eCommerce, financial and warehouse operations.


An Eco platform for eLearning. EruDITA is a business information system for educational institutions characterized by integrated preparation and delivery of teaching materials.


A flexible document management system that follows the life cycle of content. The solution enables the creation, management and review of documents directly within the Odoo framework.


All-in-one Hotel management system with monitoring and management functions of PME Electronic "smart" hotel rooms, reservations, check-in and check-out processes, as well as optional financial and commercial operations of hotel companies.


Planning and Maintenance Resources for passenger transport, intended for large organizations that deal with passenger transport and where the functionality of planning the hiring of transport means and crews is a key business function.

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